When it comes to deriving health and wellness information on the web, actress Manjari Mishra says that she is very careful. She adds that even on social media, the actress likes to follow authentic and certified health influencers.

“I'm selective about the health and fitness influencers I follow, preferring evidence-based advice from reputable sources rather than trendy fads. Social media does contribute to the perception that slimness equates to health, but I don't accept it as a universal truth. True health encompasses diverse body types and focuses on overall well-being rather than just appearance,” she says.

Manjari emphasises the importance of critically evaluating the information and advice shared on social media platforms, recognising the potential influence they wield over public perceptions of health. She advocates for a discerning approach, urging individuals to prioritise evidence-based guidance from reputable sources over fleeting trends or unverified claims. Mishra believes that promoting a culture of informed decision-making can empower individuals to navigate the complex landscape of health and wellness more effectively.

The actress adds that she is very careful about using store bought or packaged food. “There's a trend of substituting home-cooked food with packaged options due to marketing and convenience, often sacrificing nutritional value for perceived health benefits. I make an effort to read food labels regularly and prioritize understanding ingredients, especially for products claiming health benefits,” she says.

She adds, “Certain products and ingredients can have adverse effects on our bodies, despite marketing claims. It's crucial to be informed and discerning about what we consume.”

Talking about what health and wellness means to her, she says, “To me, health and wellness encompass both physical and mental well-being, achieved through balanced nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest, and emotional resilience.”

Manjari stresses the need for ongoing education and awareness regarding dietary choices and their impact on personal health. She encourages individuals to cultivate a proactive mindset when it comes to understanding food labels and ingredients, emphasising the significance of making informed decisions about what goes into their bodies. By fostering a sense of accountability and curiosity, Manjari believes individuals can take greater control over their health journey and make choices that align with their well-being goals.

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