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7 Protein Food Items You Should Include in Daily Diet

Protein rich foods are essential for the immune system, mobility, hormone synthesis and other processes in the body

Don’t Ignore White Reflex in Your Child's Eye

The white reflex could be an early indication of Retinoblastoma

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer: 10 Warning Signs That Women Should Watch Out For

In India over 1.2 lakh women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year and the mortality rate is over 50 per cent. Cervical cancer is one of the most common gynecologic cancers among women and especially in the age range from 15 to 44 years.

New Study Answers Why Women Are at Greater Risk of Alzheimer’s

Usually, Alzheimer's begins to show its symptoms after the age of 60.

Diastasis recti: What to know about this common postpartum condition

Giving birth takes a tremendous toll on your body. While there are countless horror stories out there, it’s important to know the facts. One of the most common conditions women experience after labour is diastasis recti. It is when the abdominal or ‘six-pack’ muscles become separated—either partially or fully. In this guide, we will take a look at what you need to know about this medical problem, its signs, and how it is treated.

Libra Daily Health Horoscope for July 5: You will improve your eating habits

According to your health horoscope for today, Libra’s health will need attention. Your sleep patterns will be disturbed today but you will have enough energy to carry on with your daily work activity. You will focus on making changes to your diet and also consciously avoid eating out. You will stay away from any kind … Continue reading "Libra Daily Health Horoscope for July 5: You will improve your eating habits"

Long Covid warrior: It took a year but I learnt to breathe again

Today Gulati can stay without artificial oxygen or masks for half an hour, during which time she moves around the house, goes to the kitchen and instructs her daughter-in-law how to cook the dishes she loves.

Scientists probing spike in cases look at Omicron sub-variant

The BA.2.75, belonging to the BA.2 sub-lineage which was the dominant strain in India earlier this year, has been found to have an 18 per cent growth advantage over the other currently circulating Omicron sub-variants.

Is nettle tea safe to consume during pregnancy? A nutritionist answers!

Food and nutrition are extremely vital for everyone’s overall well-being. And if you are a pregnant woman, your nutrient requirement needs to be met completely, not only for your health but for an all-round development of the child as well. However, there are always contrasting views as to what a pregnant woman should eat or … Continue reading "Is nettle tea safe to consume during pregnancy? A nutritionist answers! "

Capricorn Daily Health Horoscope for July 6: Build your stamina

Capricorns will feel tired today. Your health will be unstable and you will need to pay attention to it. Your poor physical health will also take a toll on your emotional well being. Physical fatigue will spill into mental exhaustion and you will find it difficult to take things on the face value. Don’t allow … Continue reading "Capricorn Daily Health Horoscope for July 6: Build your stamina"

‘A celebrity’s life is not easy; they aren’t always the healthiest people around’: Nutritionist Dr Siddhant Bhargava

"Alia Bhatt is the best person to work with; most receptive and most aware. She is just the best client," the celebrity nutritionist said

Cancer Daily Health Horoscope for July 5: Control your sugar cravings

Dear Cancer native, your health will be better than before today. Your health will get stable and you will focus on taking care of your medical diagnosis and getting your immunity on track. Have enough fibre and fluids to flush out the toxins from your body. Avoid indulging in sweet temptations post meal today as … Continue reading "Cancer Daily Health Horoscope for July 5: Control your sugar cravings"

Mumbai: Surge in chickenpox, viral fever cases among children

Mumbai: The city witnessed a sudden surge in the number of children suffering from chickenpox and viral fever along with hand, foot, and mouth disease. Following this, the doctors have urged parents to watch for the symptoms of chickenpox and hand, foot, and mouth disease as both are viral infections caused by different viruses. Doctors are seeing ...

Avoid these habits if you are trying to lose weight

"Busting health and fitness myths by hopping on trends," celebrity Yasmin Karachiwala captioned her latest Instagram post.

New to Zumba? 5 Things to Know Before You Kick-Start Your Fitness Journey

Already planning to enrol for a Zumba class? Hold on. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind first.

Cutting Edge: Poop therapy can save your gut, and your life

Stool or faecal microbial transplant (FMT) has helped contain infections in bone marrow transplant patients and even restore good gut bacteria, says Dr Parikshit Prayag, infectious disease consultant and in-charge of the Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune.

Myopia: Causes behind the sudden rise of short sightedness in India, treatment and preventive tips

It has been projected that half of the population all over the world will be myopic by 2050. Myopia in India which was rare a decade ago. Doctors identify the reasons behind the sudden rise of short sightedness and share health tips to treat the same

How hair loss can impact your mental health

Experts say alopecia or hair loss can potentially have a psychological impact in the form of stress, anxiety, depression, loss of confidence, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, and social phobia.

COVID-19: India reports 13,086 fresh cases, 19 deaths in 24 hours

With 13,086 new coronavirus infections being reported in a day, India's total tally of COVID-19 cases rose to 43,531,650. According to the Union Health Ministry data updated on Tuesday, the country's active cases stands at 1,14,475, with 19 fresh fatalities in the last 24 hours. #AmritMahotsav#Unite2FightCorona#LargestVaccineDrive

Sleep deprived? Cardiologist on how it can raise risk of heart attack

If you are consistently depriving yourself of sleep at night, you might be doing a disservice to your heart.

New face mask that can kill Covid virus developed

The mask can potentially be worn longer causing less plastic waste as it does not need to be replaced as frequently researchers said

Adele says she 'felt terrible' after some fans were 'betrayed' by her weight loss

"You aren't holding my hand at 4 a.m. when I'm crying my heart out with anxiety and needing a distraction," she recently told the BBC.

Gemini Daily Health Horoscope for July 6: Start working out again

Dear Gemini, your health will be unstable today and you will focus on your physical wellbeing. Your health will need attention today due to nagging issues of the past. You need to seriously consider making lifestyle changes in order to enjoy a healthier state of being. Get back to stretching exercises, yoga or meditation. Anything … Continue reading "Gemini Daily Health Horoscope for July 6: Start working out again"

What we know so far about Omicron's BA.2.75 sub-variant, spreading 18% more

Apart from the BA 2 75 sub variant of Omicron BA 2 74 and BA 2 76 are also believed to be responsible for the increase in Covid 19 cases

Hair fall and Mental Health

It is important to stress to the patients, family members, colleagues, and society in general that there is no magic pill or a miracle surgery that will reverse hair fall quickly.

4 physical signs you need to eat more carbs, from brain fog to exercise flu

There is no good reason to reduce or remove carbs from your diet, Nichola Ludlam-Raine, a dietitian, told Insider.

Coronavirus India Live News Updates: India logs 13,086 fresh Covid cases, 19 deaths in last 24 hours

Coronavirus India, Covid-19 Live News Updates, July 05, 2022: The active cases now stand at 1,14,475 and 5,25,242 deaths have been recorded across the country till date.

Condor CBD Gummies: Reviews (Website Scam Alert) Ree Drummond News Revealed?

Condor CBD Gummies The Cure of Arthritis Pains to the Fullest

7 Things To Discuss With Your Partner Before Having A Baby

Are you planning to have a baby? Well! It is one of the biggest steps in a relationship for many couples. It brings a lifetime of responsibilities for them. Therefore, it is crucial for women to hash out all their doubts and discuss all the queries before having a baby. Here is a list of points a couple must debate when planning to become parents. Is It The Right Time? Women must ask their partners if it is the right time to bring a baby into...

Mette-Marit, a single mom who became Princess of Norway

Why recovered TB patients are at a higher risk of mortality

"Early detection is important; we saw some reversal of fibrosis in Covid-19 patients. But this does not happen in TB patients. So, we have to treat them before the lungs are damaged. The mortality depends on several factors and it definitely helps if they stay away from smoking and alcohol," says Dr G Narendran, a senior scientist, NIRT

What are Migraine attack triggers?

The migraine attack can begin anywhere between six hours and two days after the trigger. These are some common migraine attack triggers seen in a majority of people.

Your body has an internal clock that dictates when you eat, sleep and might have a heart attack – all based on time of day

Your biological clock affects your health by regulating your sleep-wake cycles and fluctuations in blood pressure and body temperature

You Should Avoid These Foods for a Healthy Liver

Saturated fat and sugar rich food items can cause damage to liver

Tadasana Or Mountain Pose Benefits You Must Know

Tadasana or mountain pose also helps in constipation.

Here’s what Ayurveda says about drinking milk with non-veg food items

According to Dr Nitika Kohli, the consumption of these food items could lead to adverse effects such as...

DIY: Potato Peel Sheet Mask For Glowing Skin

Potato is one of the most used ingredients in Indian kitchens which means you will probably have a lot of potato peels that must go to waste. However, you should stop throwing away your potato peels as they are quite beneficial for your health as well as your skin. For soft and glowing skin, make potato peel masks at home. These masks are easy to make and quite beneficial. Read on to know more. How To Make Potato Peel Mask Ingredients 2-3 Potato...

Aries Daily Health Horoscope for July 5: A healthy day is in your stars!

Dear Aries native, your health will be stable today and you will be able to continue with a balanced diet and workout routine. You need to channel your suppressed creative energies so that you don’t feel guilty. Use this energy to do something productive. On the work front, it is all about trust today. Trusting … Continue reading "Aries Daily Health Horoscope for July 5: A healthy day is in your stars!"

Study Shows Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases for Different Age Groups

In a bid to find out the major modifiable risk factors that can lead to CVDs, the study included adults who were 40 years and above

Health Guide: Food Items That can Help Keep Cholesterol in Control

Maintaining a balanced diet can help a person manage cholesterol levels

ProDentim Reviews: Safe Dental Support Formula? Untold Truth Exposed by Customers

Dr Drew Sutton s ProDentim Oral Probiotic Supplement will help to reduce the risk of oral infections breaks existing plaque and tartar and tightens

Spiny Gourd or Kantola: Several Benefits Of The Green Vegetable

Spiny Gourd belongs to the bitter gourd family.

Are calcium supplements the answer to healthy bones?

"So stop stressing about calcium and find out what's affecting your bone strength and making it porous," integrative health coach Neha Ranglani wrote on Instagram

What is Feng Shui? Know everything about Feng Shui principles

Feng Shui is very important to Chinese culture, and it is believed that it brings positivity and happiness to one's life. If you are wondering about what feng shui is, then keep reading this article. It is an ancient science that was developed in China thousands of years ago. When it comes to the literal meaning, it translates to the wind (Feng) and water (Shui). In Chinese culture, both water and wind are known to bring good health to people's...

Intermittent Fasting Fad and Its Impact on Nerve Health

"The brain is a hybrid vehicle and is in optimal function when it switches between sugar and fat as its fuel, the easiest way to achieve this is with intermittent fasting.”

Robotic surgery helps remove adrenal gland tumors in kids

Despite the risk of blood pressure fluctuation and damage to major blood vessels, a tech-aided tool helped in saving lives, says Dr Ashwin Mallya, Urologist and Robotic Surgeon, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. The one big takeaway from this case is that whenever you see high blood pressure among children, you should get them examined. It is not the same as blood pressure in adults and might have an underlying cause

The best stocks to invest in healthy eating

A healthy diet helps to protect against malnutrition in all its forms, as well as noncommunicable diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Not only is eating healthy food good for you, sometimes it has the added bonus of doing good for the world. More and more companies are making healthy food and dietary products, making this space attractive for growth investors. We gathered the list of the top companies offering healthy...

Scorpio Daily Health Horoscope for July 6: Pray for your mental peace

Dear Scorpio, your health will be stable today and you will focus on getting even better. You will focus on altering your sleep patterns. You will also bounce back to your physical activity and get back to a spiritual practice to mentally calm yourself. Don’t skip your meals in the second half of the day … Continue reading "Scorpio Daily Health Horoscope for July 6: Pray for your mental peace"

Yoga During IVF: Can You do Yoga During IVF Treatment? Doctor Speaks

Yoga can help you to de-stress, perk-up your mood and stay healthy during IVF treatment.

Mumbai: 456 gastro cases from June 1 to 26 in the city

As many as 456 gastro cases were reported across Mumbai from June 1 to 26. Doctors said they have been seeing 20-25 patients daily who have a history of fever, headache, rashes, muscle, joint pain, vomiting, and diarrhoea. Officials have urged citizens to not self-medicate and consult nearby BMC health post/dispensary/hospital immediately if there ...