ICMR Reveals Ideal Duration Of Sleep, Exercise And Work

Maintaining overall well-being requires a balanced approach towards sleep, work, and exercise. Hence, ICMR has provided guidelines that state the ideal duration of sleep, exercise and work one must follow to live a healthy life. Read on to know more.

What IMD’s heatwave ‘red alert’ for Delhi, Punjab and other parts of North India means

A red alert refers to an extreme heat warning. It means that a severe heatwave has persisted for more than two days. What are the criteria for heatwaves, and what precautions should you observe?

Effective benefits of aloe vera for your hair

Amazing benefits of aloe vera for hair: What are the benefits of aloe vera for hair? Best aloe vera mask for hair and why use aloe vera for hair

How Barbie can help in child development

There's hardly an urban child who hasn't grown up playing with a Barbie. But there's more one can do with it

Why Do My Shoulders Click, Pop Or Crack? Easy Ways To Manage The Conditions

Cracking, clicking, and popping sounds are quite common in your joints. According to doctors, there are various reasons why this happens, and they need to be treated immediately to prevent further issues. Read on to know the causes and how you can treat it.

Boost your digestive system with these 6 easy drinks for a happy and healthy gut

Your gut is like the foundation of your body's health. It manages the complex process of breaking down food, extracting important nutrients, and getting rid of waste. Plus, it has a big impact on your immune system, mental balance, and also prevents chronic illnesses. A healthy gut, full of good bacteria, not only helps you absorb nutrients better but also protects against harmful germs. Multiple studies show that a strong gut doesn't just boost your mood and brainpower but also connects closely to your well-being. So, taking care of your gut with a balanced diet, probiotics, and healthy habits pays off big time for an improved health and energy. Here are 6 simple homemade drinks to perk up your digestion (Image: Canva)Lemon water: Kickstart your day with warm water mixed with fresh lemon juice. It is not just a refreshing way to start your morning, but it also helps wake up your digestion, keeps you hydrated, and aids in breaking down food efficiently (Image: Canva)Fennel tea: Fennel seeds, also called saunf, are good for your gut. Brew up some fennel tea to soothe digestive discomfort. Fennel seeds are known for calming digestive issues like bloating and indigestion, thanks to their natural compounds that relax the stomach muscles and ease gas (Image: Canva)Aloe vera juice: Aloe vera is good for your skin, so you know. Discover the digestive benefits of aloe vera beyond skincare. It's packed with compounds that reduce inflammation and enzymes that improve digestion, making it great for managing conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) (Image: Canva)Carom seeds water: Carom seeds, also referred to as ajwain, have long been used to reduce stomach discomfort, a practice steeped in tradition. Making a drink from ajwain seeds offers a good remedy that enhances stomach acid production, fights indigestion, and aids in the healing of peptic ulcers. Ajwain's carminative attributes effectively relieve gas, while its fibre content promotes regularity in bowel movements (Image: Canva)Mint tea: Enjoy the soothing effects of mint leaves on your digestive system. Mint's menthol content relaxes stomach muscles, relieving spasms, bloating, and gas (Image: Canva)Ginger tea: Turn to ginger for its anti-inflammatory powers to ease indigestion and bloating. Ginger tea calms the stomach, dispels gas, and can even help with nausea (Image: Canva)

Worried about heart attack in post Covid times? Signs of an unhealthy heart; tips to improve heart health

Impact of virus, sedentary lifestyle, or vaccine; what's ailing your heart in post Covid era? Know signs of an unhealthy heart, tips to boost heart health.

Understanding The Benefits And Usage Of Biotin For Hair

Vitamin B7, also known as Biotin, is one of the water-soluble and highly essential B-complex vitamins. Biotin, a vital nutrient for hair health, is naturally present in foods like eggs, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables such as sweet potatoes and spinach.A common claim made about biotin supplements is that they can encourage hair growth. While there isn’t much data to support the usefulness of biotin for hair growth, there is evidence that a...

India Completes Sequencing 10,000 Human Genomes; Here's Why Genome Sequencing Is Important For Us

Indian researchers achieved a milestone with 10,000 healthy human genomes sequenced from different regions of the country. Dr. Rajesh Gokhale highlights advancements in technology allowing faster sequencing. The lead scientists of the project emphasize genetic variations' significance in disease and traits and stress the need for India-specific database due to unique mutations.

Why Are More Kids Dying By Suicide?

Many adults believed (or still do) that children are incapable of experiencing stress or mental health issues as their lives are carefree and stress only creeps in as one grows older. However, the reality today paints a different picture. The data around suicide in children is alarming. As per National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India (ADSI) report, India witnessed over 13,000 deaths by suicide alone being...

Should you drink water before, during or after the meals? How it impacts your digestion

Drinking water at the right time can promote satiety and ease digestion. Experts on when and how much water to drink before, during and after your meals.

Make your breakfast healthy with millet pancakes. Here's a recipe by Chef Ajay Chopra

Millet pancakes are not only tasty but also nutritious. They're a healthy breakfast or snack option you're looking for.

The theft nobody talks about—Modern science uses Indian medical knowledge systems without credit

With ‘The Herbal Sutra: Indian Wisdom and Wellness Through 100 Herbs’, Madhulika Banerjee gives us a glimpse into India’s rich herbal legacy.

5 deliciously healthy beetroot recipes for vibrant and nutritious meals

Discover the goodness of beets with our collection of five healthy and tasty recipes. From salads to desserts, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

These small habits can make a huge impact

Simple habits that will improve your life.

How does jamun help with diabetes? IISER-Bhopal offers clues with 1st genome sequencing of plant

Findings, published in peer-reviewed journal 'Frontiers in Plant Science', form a first layer of data for future studies on the value of the plant, and its applications in pharmacology.

Work-life balance: 10 essential tips for achieving harmony in sleep, work and life

Sleep is not just a luxury; it is a biological need. Your body relies on sleep to rejuvenate, repair, and regulate essential functions. Good sleep helps your brains work better, boosts your mood, keeps your immune system strong, and lowers your chances of getting sick. On the other hand, balancing work and personal life is also vital for staying healthy. It helps you feel less stressed, avoid getting too tired, and keeps your relationships...

Can Acupuncture Help Control Anxiety?

If you are feeling anxious, acupuncture may be worth a try. Research has shown that the practice can be effective in reducing anxiety symptoms. There are minimal risks and side effects of doing acupuncture when done correctly and with sterile needles. Read on to know more.

Weight Loss Story: Here’s How This Girl Lost 23 Kilos in 7 Months With Detox Drinks And Workout

Real-life Weight Loss Story: Breakups are tough. It not only affects our mental health but can also break our confidence and have a significant impact on our physical health. It changes our lifestyle and may also lead to binge-eating. This is exactly what happened with Akshara as pizza became her comfort food. Her eating habits changed for the worse which made her gain weight like anything. But if there’s a will, there’s a way. Read on to know...

What to eat to gain weight, build muscles? Add these 8 fruits to your daily diet

Gaining weight and building muscle can be a challenging journey for many, and many a times, your weight gain journey is conditioned by factors such as metabolism and lifestyle choices. It often requires a comprehensive approach involving diet, exercise, and sometimes medical guidance. While weight gain is commonly associated with consuming more calories than expended, the quality of those calories is equally important. Incorporating high-calorie...

Obese Women Are At A Higher Risk Of Developing Heart Diseases; Know How

A new study conducted by the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research or PGIMER in Chandigarh has said that at least 44 per cent of women who have heart diseases are obese or overweight. The research which covered the subject over three years, concluded that only 1 per cent of women included fruits and vegetables in their daily diet and were consuming high-salt foods. Read on to know how obesity in women is linked to heart...

10 types of oranges and their benefits

Oranges, the superfood marvel, come in diverse types like Navel, Valencia, Blood, Cara Cara, and more. Take a look at the most popular varieties.

How missing out on immunization can impact child’s health in the long term

19M children unvaccinated yearly, risking 1M deaths. Immunization vital to strengthen immunity. Vaccines crucial to guard against various diseases. Timely vaccinations protect individuals and communities from fatal illnesses.

5 Yoga Practices That May Help Combat Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are a kind of medical condition in which the immunity system acts against the body’s tissues and cells. Our immune system is responsible to protect our body against any harmful diseases. With autoimmune diseases, the immunity system fails to recognise harmful substances and affects the body’s good cells and tissues. Yoga is a very effective form of exercise that can address various diseases and illnesses. Yoga also serves as...

Climbing Stairs Daily Lowers Heart Disease Risk By 40 percent; Know How

A new study from the U.K. shows that people who climbed the stairs reduced their risk of heart disease and early death. Read on to know how.

Botox vs dermal fillers: All you need to know

After Rajkummar Rao recently opened up on getting chin fillers, netizens were quick to share their two cents but some also commended the actor for being vocal about his decision to feel more confident. Before Rao, many actors talked about undergoing cosmetic enhancements while highlighting the need to normalise personal decisions about one’s aesthetic appearance whether it comes from Botox or fillers. Confused about the different types of...

This Green Leafy Vegetable Can Help Treat Heart Ailments

Lettuce, a ubiquitous leafy green vegetable, is a staple in various culinary delights worldwide, from salads to sandwiches and soups. Beyond its crisp texture and culinary versatility, lettuce offers a plethora of vital nutrients that can significantly benefit human health, aiding in the prevention of severe ailments such as heart disease and cancer.Research has underscored lettuce’s efficacy in promoting heart health, with regular consumption...

Strawberries to Papaya: 8 fruits for a glowing skin

Skincare products and fruits like strawberries, oranges, papaya, avocado, kiwi, pineapple, watermelon, and berries with vitamins A, C, E, and various properties fight oxidative stress, exfoliate skin, improve hydration, and promote a brighter, glowing complexion.

Why Roses Are The Most Preferred Herb in Wellness | Benefits of Roses

Roses, utilized for ages across diverse cultures, offer numerous therapeutic benefits. From their fragile petals to sturdy bark, this herb boasts a range of healing properties. It's effective in addressing inflammation, diabetes, stress, seizures, and signs of aging. Incorporating rose essence in aromatherapy provides potent relief from stress and anxiety.Moneycontrol is India's leading financial and business portal with in-depth market coverage, analysis, expert opinions, and a gamut of financial tools.A part of Network18, is the most influential destination for stock market news and advice, business news, and news about the Indian and global economy.Subscribe: us:Visit

Despite Being Healthy, Why This South Asia Fruit Remains Underappreciated

People are gradually realising the importance of having healthy foods and drinks over ones that are detrimental to health. Now, we have youngsters who go for a bottle of gooseberry or a bottle of gourd juices instead of carbonated drinks. Despite recognising the health benefits of plants and fruits, some fruits like Phalsa remain underappreciated and low in popularity despite their high nutritional value. Phalsa is native to Southeast Asian...

10 healthy summer foods to boost immunity

As temperatures rise, it's essential to nourish your body with foods that not only keep you cool but also boost your immunity. We have curated a list of 10 healthy foods that one can include in their summer diet to strengthen the immune system. Take a look.

Why you must avoid consuming raw eggs, especially the albumen

You can enjoy them poached, scrambled, and boiled -- but should you have raw eggs?

Common gas, acidity medicines can lead to serious disease: Doc shares case

Dr. Sudhir Kumar shared a case of Levosulpiride-induced Parkinsonism due to gas and acidity medicine. Commonly used with pantoprazole, it can cause orofacial dyskinesia. Alternatives for GERD include probiotics and simethicone, and safer drugs are domperidone and metoclopramide. If you take medicines for gas and acidity regularly you need to read this.

Piles: Causes, Symptoms And How To Treat Them

Haemorrhoids, commonly known as piles, are swollen blood vessels that develop inside or around the anus. It often happens because of excessive strain during your bowel movements or when you are constipated. While they often get better within a few days, they may also pester a patient for a long period and make it difficult for them to go to the loo. With time, this problem is seen both in older and younger generations.Piles usually look like...

What changes when you stop consuming sugar?

Many different foods, including drinks and sauces, contain sugar. On the other hand, consuming too much sugar could seriously harm our health. Unbeknownst to us, many of us consume far more sugar than is healthy, which leads to a host of health problems. What would happen, though, if you decided to cut sugar out of your diet?

Science says rocking yourself to sleep works: Here’s how to do it right

Does rocking yourself to sleep actually work? Expert explains the science behind this sleep hack

This is how long you need to sit, sleep, and exercise in a day

The study revealed a clear trend: less sitting, more standing, activity, and sleep were associated with better health outcomes.

Health benefits of chamomile tea and who should avoid it

Chamomile flowers are rich in beneficial plant compounds such as flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, and antioxidants. These compounds contribute to its medicinal properties. After drying, the flowers are utilised in various herbal remedies, including the preparation of chamomile tea. The process of making chamomile tea involves steeping the dried flowers of the chamomile plant in hot water. This allows the infusion of its beneficial compounds into the...

Study Finds Weight Loss Jabs Can Reduce Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke By 20 Per Cent

Semaglutide which is the active ingredient in weight loss injections like Wegovy and Ozempic can help to reduce the risks of heart attack, stroke or death due to cardiovascular disease by nearly 20%. The study says that semaglutide gave cardiovascular benefits to people even if they had mild obesity or had lost only a small amount of weight. Read on to know more about the study.

10 healthy habits of mentally strong children

1.0 healthy habits of mentally strong children

Why women suffer from depression more than men

Global awareness of mental health issues, particularly depression, has increased. Women face unique challenges due to the gender gap, societal pressures, and biological factors, leading to higher rates of depression. Support groups play a vital role in empowering women's emotional health.

Teenagers with more siblings have worse mental health, suggests study

The study suggests a connection with the "resource dilution" theory, where parental attention and resources diminish as the number of siblings increases.

3 healthy smoothies that help reduce weight faster

Discover a variety of nutrient-rich smoothie recipes to aid in weight loss. From the magenta smoothie's fiber-packed goodness to the green juice's refreshing blend, these recipes offer a delicious and healthy way to support your well-being. These mouthwatering and wholesome smoothie recipes can support you in your weight loss efforts.

All you need to know about that bump at the base of your neck (including when to see a doctor)

Is the neck or buffalo hump an indication of high cortisol levels in your body? Here s what an expert has to say about this condition

Are You Eating The Right Cheese? Nutritionist Explains What Is Good For Health

It is creamy, luscious, and 100 per cent addictive. Yes, we are talking about cheese here. Don’t we all love having cheese with every meal? But the main question that arises is that is cheese even good for our health? There have been several reports in the past that have researched the benefits of different types of cheese. But is it even good enough to be consumed every day?Recently, a digital creator named Dr Eric Berg, who is a prominent...

Power Of Cucumber: 6 Essential Health Benefits You Need To Know

From hydration to heart health, discover how this humble vegetable can revolutionise your well-being. Explore the refreshing and nutritious advantages that cucumber brings to your diet and lifestyle.

10 Health Benefits Of Eating Soaked Figs Daily

Figs, also known as anjeer, are a scrumptious, wholesome, and healthy fruit that is eaten both fresh and dry. This delicious and juicy fruit has been popular for its proposed nutritional benefits since ancient times. Mostly grown across the Mediterranean Coast, West Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, the fruit is a powerhouse of essential nutrients like fibre, zinc, folate, magnesium, niacin, iron, and riboflavin. It boosts heart health,...

Our Diet in 1975 Compared to Today - Why are We So Unhealthy Now?

Join Thrive Market Today to get 30% Off Your First Order AND a Free Gift Worth up to $60! What Did the Average Diet in 1970 Look Like Compared to Today? Organic Mocha Hazelnut Truffles: Organic Hazelnut Pecan Truffles: Macadamia Nut Butter - Cinnamon Brazil Nut Butter - Chocolate Hazelnut Nut Butter - Favorites page w/ Nut Butters - This video does contain a paid partnership with a brand that helps to support this channel. It is because of brands like this that we are able to provide the content that we do for free. Click HERE to Subscribe: Please check out the new Shorts channel, DeLauer Clips and Workouts, here: Please Subscribe to my Email Newsletter Here: Follow More of My Daily Life on Instagram: References Timestamps ⏱ 0:00 - Intro 0:56 - Difference in Calorie Intake 2:56 - How the Sources of Our Calories Has Changed 4:42 - Refined Grains vs Whole Grains 5:27 - Demonization of Meat 6:13 - Dangers of Processed Food 7:26 - 30% Off Your First Order AND a Free Gift Worth up to $60! 8:12 - Change in High Fructose Corn Syrup Consumption 10:30 - Differences in Protein Intake 12:28 - The Bottom Line

Weight loss without workout: 8 ways to shed kilos if you can't sweat it out this summer

As the temperatures soar, shedding those extra pounds can seem like an uphill battle, especially for those who find it challenging to find time for exercise.

Achieving Your Fitness Goals? Here Are the Top 7 Fitness Coaches from Pune You Should Follow in 2024

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], May 15: Pune, known for its vibrant fitness culture, is a haven for those eager to uplift their fitness journey. Whether you're a beginner venturing into the realm of wellness or a seasoned gym enthusiast aiming for greater heights, the proper guidance can be transformative. In 2024, Pune proudly showcases a cadre of exceptional fitness firms and coaches committed to igniting inspiration and motivation in individuals...