From rice to sugar, our daily diet revolves around a lot of whites, and many of us don't know that these whites are actually making our lives colorless too. Yes, you read right! There are white foods that are the root cause of many health issues, including weight gain, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. As per experts, eliminating whites and replacing them with more colors can actually set you up for a more nutritious diet that promotes weight loss and restores blood sugar balance. Take a look at the seven most common white foods to avoid and their healthy alternatives.

White bread

White bread is made with refined flour, of which bran is removed and much of the fiber, vitamins, and minerals are also lost, which results in a carb-rich food item that lacks many essential nutrients.

Healthy alternative: Whole-grain bread

White Pasta

It is also made with refined flour, which has very little fiber and other essential nutrients and is often difficult to digest.

Healthy alternative: Whole grain pasta

White Rice

It is one of the most commonly consumed grains, and it also falls into the category of refined grains. The absence of fiber and protein also makes it very easy to over consume white rice, which may contribute to weight gain or blood sugar imbalances.

Healthy alternative: Brown rice

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White Sugar

It is a common sweetener with the fewest health benefits. Apart from calories, they offer very little in terms of nutrition and also increase the risk of diabetes and other health issues. They are known for unwanted weight gain and an increased risk of heart disease.

Healthy alternative: Natural fruits

White Salt

While salt is necessary for the human body and is often highly refined and stripped of its natural minerals, too much white salt is no less than poison and is linked with a variety of negative health effects, including an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and kidney disease. Additionally, the additives and anti-caking agents in processed white salt may have negative effects on health, making it preferable to opt for less processed salts or mineral-rich alternatives.

Healthy alternative: Pink salt and mixed herbs

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White Potato

When compared, they offer fewer benefits over side effects that might cause severe health issues, like weight gain, diabetes, and more. When cooked, they mostly lose nutrients, so they should be avoided.

Healthy Alternative: Sweet Potato

Animal-based Fats

They are dense in fats, most of which are saturated fats, and may lead to increased cholesterol and a higher risk of heart disease in some people. Therefore, one should avoid the overconsumption of such meats.

Healthy alternatives: Plant-based fats (olives, nuts, seeds, and avocado)

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