Poor eating habits and heart disease risk

As the festive season approaches, it is easy to get swept up in the excitement and indulge in treats and rich meals. While celebrations are a time of joy and togetherness, it is essential to remember the most precious gift you can give yourself this season: the gift of a healthy heart! It not only promises a long life but also the ability to savour every moment you spend with loved ones, so you can be with them for every hug, every dance, and many more festivals to come.

With 6 in 10 Indians suffering from high LDL cholesterol (LDL-C), Your heart’s health is of utmost importance, particularly during this festive time. High levels of LDL-C, often referred to as "bad" cholesterol, can lead to blockages, increasing the risk of heart disease. Cholesterol, unlike other heart diseases, does not show any signs or symptoms which makes it a ‘silent killer.’ So, along with enjoying the festivities, it is essential to be aware of the foods we consume. Many holiday favourites can be high in saturated and trans fats, which can result in fluctuation of cholesterol levels and increase your chances of heart diseases. Remember, you can maintain heart health by caring for your most vital organ while also prioritising timely screenings and regular conversations with your cardiologist.

Here’s what the expert says

Dr. Ashwani Mehta, Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi, emphasises on the importance of regular check-ups and medical guidance, especially during or after festive season. Dr. Ashwani said, “Based on my observations, I have seen many patients having elevated cholesterol levels, especially during or right after festive seasons. High LDL-C cholesterol affects individuals, and festivities can make it easy to forget about monitoring it. However, this is the time precisely when you need to focus on it the most. It is crucial to follow medical advice and stay informed about your health to take control of your cholesterol management journey.”

Here are some steps to plan and manage your cholesterol this festive season:

Track your diet and maintain a balanced meal plan

In the midst of the festive season, monitoring your diet and adhering to a balanced meal plan takes on added significance. We are bound to be tempted to consume rich food, all our chole bhature’s and spicy curries, but this can have a significant impact on your heart. This increases your chances of developing or aggravating diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol. Hence, keeping a close watch on what you consume empowers you with the knowledge to make heart-conscious choices.

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Choose sleep over stress

We Indians love festivals and want the best arrangements for all events. But a good quality sleep is also important in between all the running around. Increased stress levels can cause immense pressure on the heart which can further lead to elevated risk for heart diseases.

Educate yourself and keep realistic goals

Understand the difference between good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol, and how dietary choices impact cholesterol levels. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions. Having your LDL-C in control helps you to be more present in all your life events and enhances the quality of every moment you spend with loved ones.

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Talk to your cardiologist

During this festive season, consulting your cardiologist becomes even more essential. They are your trusted guides to effectively manage and control LDL-C levels, ensuring you can fully enjoy the celebrations. They can provide personalized advice and treatment plans tailored to your specific health needs, allowing you to embrace the festivities with confidence and peace of mind.


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