Good gut health is important and we all know it. But how can we incorporate it in our daily lifestyle? Good gut health means having the right amount of good bacteria or microbes in the digestive tract. It would further help in gastrointestinal health. While these microorganisms are 'micro' but have a major impact on our overall health. From digestion, the immune system, to moods, gut health impacts overall body. Also, gut microbes are paramount for survival too. The gut is called the 'second brain' for a reason and a healthy gut means a healthy you.

5 Ways to Detox Gut Naturally

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetablesFocus on eating fruits and veggies, which will help the good bacteria grow in your gut. Limit the intake of dairy, however, you can have buttermilk. Include whole grains and more good fats such as avocado and coconut in your diet.
  2. Give rest to your Gut:Like your body and mind, your gut also needs some "me-time' to rest, rejuvenate and reboot to function optimally. A good way to give break to the gut flora and microbiota is intermittent fasting. It helps reduce inflammation and bloating.
  3. Reduced salt intake:Indulging in high salt diets can alter the gut microbiota and lead to hypertension or autoimmune disease. Excessive salt intake may lead to bloating and water retention in the body.
  4. Hydrate well and often:Water is all you need. If you can't commit to gallons of water, then you can also look at liquid substitutes like coconut water, vegetable juice, and soups, or a simple gut detox drink like kefir or water infused with cucumber, ginger, lime and mint. These are some simple home remedies for gut cleansing. Most importantly, you must remove sugar, salt, and caffeine from your routine.
  5. Eat more alkaline foods:Bring the balance in your back with Alkaline foods, which are known to work wonders in maintaining the pH balance in the body. Add alkaline foods such as coriander seeds water, coconut water, and seeds in your gut cleanse diet plan.

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