Meditation is a powerful technique that stems from spirituality. For centuries, ancient civilizations have engaged in various kinds of meditation practices to harness cosmic energy and unravel their true self. It also plays a key role in practices like reiki and crystal healing. The ancient practice of Yoga also has its foundation set in meditation. Whether it is mindfulness and breathwork like concentrated breathing, you can easily make meditation a part of your daily life.

What does meditation do?

Dating back to the oldest scriptures known to mankind, it has been proven to improve a person's health, mental well-being, lifestyle, mindset, and emotional patterns. Over time, more and more people have started to understand its potency.

A note from Cleveland Clinic says, “Thanks to advances in medical technology and science, experts now better understand how meditation affects your brain and body. And research shows there are many benefits — for your mind and body alike — that come with regular meditation.”

Benefits of meditation:

When you start to meditate every day, you not only improve your mindset but also reap numerous health benefits. Meditation helps rewire your brain, allowing you to shift from negative thought patterns and habits to positive ones. Research also shows that “the amygdala, which regulates how we feel stress, fear, and anxiety, responds to meditation by shrinking,” per Headspace.

Its mental health benefits include an increase in grey matter and cortical thickness. Over time, this leads to a steady improvement in your brain health. You start becoming more aware and less likely to forget things. Your ability to regulate emotions, executive plans, and solve problems is vastly enhanced with regular meditation.

As your mental health improves, your physical health also starts getting better. You become more disciplined and inclined to exercise more and eat well. This is directly associated with your general health and well-being.

Realisation beyond the I:

According to Yogic teachings, you also acquire prana energy, which is responsible for your existence and life as a human being. The more you meditate, the more closer you get to your higher self. Over the course of time, your perception will start to expand beyond your sense of self.

Through meditation, you become peaceful on all fronts. As you learn how to stay calm in your life, you become more subtle. Through this, you start understanding that your surroundings or the people around you do not exist just by chance but because of the all-pervading truth of the universe. As you meditate, you gain spiritual wisdom and learn the untold secrets of the cosmos.

With meditation, you can unlock your chakras or the energy centres in your body, allowing you to know your true potential. Your ability to manifest your goals and desires also increases substantially with regular meditation. You should know that your affirmations become stronger when you use it as an intent for meditation.

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