For many, summer screams cool, refreshing swims. The allure of the water beckons in the summer heat, offering not just a refreshing escape but a wealth of health benefits. But with two enticing options – the vast, dynamic ocean and the controlled environment of a pool – the question arises: which aquatic adventure is best for you?

A reel shared by nutritionist Makhija had us asking this question deliberately. So, we decided to dive into the unique advantages of both swimming in the ocean and the pool, guided by the expertise of Dr Shuchin Bajaj, general physician and founder-director of Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals. Whether you seek a challenging workout, a tranquil escape, or a structured training session, we'll help you determine the perfect aquatic haven for your summer swims.

A fitness feast: Ocean's challenge vs. pool's control

Both environments offer distinct advantages. The ocean's waves and currents create a dynamic workout, boosting cardiovascular health and muscle strength. "Battling the waves engages your core, shoulders, and arms more intensely," explained Dr Bajaj. Saltwater itself might offer some perks too. "Early studies suggest it may improve circulation and even benefit skin health," he added.

Pools, on the other hand, provide a controlled setting ideal for structured workouts or rehabilitation exercises. "The predictability of a pool allows you to focus on specific techniques or recovery routines," said Dr Bajaj.

Beyond the physical: A mental escape

The ocean isn't just a physical challenge; it's a mental haven. "Immersing yourself in nature can be incredibly calming," noted Dr Bajaj. "The sound of waves and the vastness of the ocean can significantly reduce stress and promote relaxation."

Safety first: Ocean's hazards vs. pool's maintenance

While the ocean beckons, remember safety is paramount. Be aware of currents, marine life, and water quality. Pools, however, require proper chlorine levels to ensure hygiene. "Always shower before and after swimming in a pool to minimise chlorine exposure," advised Dr Bajaj.

The best choice boils down to your preferences and goals. "Do you crave a dynamic workout or a structured routine?" pondered Dr Bajaj, or "Are you seeking a mental escape, a convenient training space?" Consider these factors and take the plunge into the option that best suits you!

So, grab your swimsuit, embrace the water, and enjoy a healthy, refreshing swim!

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