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There is no need for medicine when you eat millets, says Khader Vali

Speaking at India Today Conclave Mumbai, Khader Vali aka 'Millet Man of India' talked about the high nutritional value of millets and why people don't need medicine when they eat this "super grain."

Healthcare companies with High Forward Price to Earnings (P/E).

The Healthcare stocks within this list have high forward P/E ratios. High forward P/E is an indicator of potential overvaluation or the investor belief in the future earnings of the company.

Thyroid disease: Watch out for these symptoms

The thyroid is a large, butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck which regulates your metabolism by releasing hormones into your bloodstream. Types of thyroid disease typically fall into three categories; hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid nodules or cancer. When this essential gland becomes disordered, many of the body’s functions start to slow down and it can hinder your everyday life. Fortunately, there are many treatment options that can help you manage thyroid disorders. Let’s take a look at the most common symptoms of thyroid disease. While none of these signs conclusively point to thyroid disorders, spotting them sooner rather than later means you will get the help and support you need and it’s worth seeing a doctor when you notice them.

Hear from the experts on star anise, plus serving sizes, and health risks

Mental Health: Elevated Risk Of Depression And Anxiety Levels In Higher Education, Study Finds

Recent study reveals more students are at the risk of increased depression and anxiety during their higher education.

Top Gaining Healthcare Stocks: A Look at the Last Month.

Healthcare stocks have been on the rise this month, and this list contains the stocks that have seen the biggest gains. From pharmaceuticals to biotechs, these companies have been making headlines and could be worth adding to your watchlist.

Carla Bruni reveals battling breast cancer, urges women to get regular screenings done

French singer and former model Carla Bruni has revealed she has fought off breast cancer.

Actress Rozlyn Khan Beats Cancer, Flaunts Her Scars: 'I Faced Challenges Head On'

Actress Rozlyn Khan was diagnosed with oligometastatic breast cancer stage 4, for which she underwent chemotherapy and surgery. As October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and has been designated as Pink Month, on this occasion, Rozlyn flaunted her scars. Taking to her social media handle, Rozlyn penned a note that read, "October: can...

Maharashtra: 'Pending Bills Of Haffkine Root Cause For Shortage Of Medicines', Says Shiv Sena Leader Sushma Andhare

Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Sushma Andhar has accused the state government of stalling the payment of Haffkine Institute's last year's bills worth Rs 226 crore, citing it as a major reason for shortage of medicines across the government hospitals in the state. Andhare, who addressed a press conference in Pune on Wednesday, demanded that the health minis...

Have you tried the biohacking trend?

If you thought it was only computer's that get hacked, apparently you thought wrong! Biohacking is a trend that continues to grow a solid following. Also known as "human enhancement," biohacking indeed has legions of fans. So, what exactly is it? Well, it's an interesting blend of using ancient techniques and the latest scientific research to find ways to optimize your body's performance and endurance, not to mention its capacity for anti-aging. So, want to learn how to become superhuman?! Click on the following gallery to discover why biohacking seems to be here to stay.

How to stay ahead of prostate cancer

There are no specific reasons behind developing prostate cancer and no major symptoms either

Migraine: All you need to know

Migraine is not merely a headache; it's a complex neurological condition that involves a variety of symptoms. These symptoms can be grouped into four main stages. Here's all you need to know.

Russian doctors find needle in 80-year-old woman's brain

Doctors believe the woman was the victim of a failed infanticide carried out by her parents, and said they would not attempt to remove the needle for fear of worsening her condition.

Grape: Just how much is good for you and nutritional benefits

Hospital deaths rising, Rs 700 crore for medical supplies lies unused

MUMBAI: Nearly Rs 700 crore from Maharashtra’s public health department meant for procurement of medical supplies is lying unused with Haffkine Biopharmaceutical Corporation Ltd, which until recently, was responsible for purchases for government hospitals. Several hundred crores disbursed by the state’s medical education wing are similarly lying id...

The search to understand sudden infant death syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, is a rare but devastating event in which an apparently healthy infant dies suddenly, unexpectedly, and unexplainedly. The exact cause of SIDS is unknown, but we do know that certain external stressors, such as becoming tangled in bedding, can increase the risk. Without determining what actually causes SIDS, however, there is no hope of finding a cure. Check out this gallery to learn about SIDS and the race to find its cause and cure.

How our genetics affect our life choices

It is a truth universally acknowledged that our genetic makeup has an influence over our lives. There are plenty of areas of life where the involvement of our DNA is obvious—the risk of developing certain diseases, for example. Increasingly, however, scientists are questioning whether even the choices people make are the result of the will of their genome, rather than their own volition. After all, personality traits almost always have some sort of genetic component. Intrigued? Then check out this gallery to learn to what extent our behavior is dictated by our DNA.

Taking Control of PCOS: Here Are 6 Practical Lifestyle Changes For Hormonal Balance

Imagine navigating the complexities of daily life as a woman in India, where the burdens of work, family, and societal expectations already weigh heavily. Now, envision adding irregular menstrual cycles, unexpected weight gain, and the constant uncertainty of how your hormones might affect your day. This is the harsh reality for countless women acr...

US healthcare workers go on strike in several states over wages, staff shortages

The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, representing about 85,000 of the health system's employees nationally, approved a strike for three days in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, and for one day in Virginia and Washington, DC.

​How to stop nails from breaking so often

Are your nails too brittle? Well it's time to pay attention to the same and deal with the problem. Here are some ways to try stopping your nails from breaking every now and then.

Care plan your doctor would usually recommend for delirium tremens

Overview A severe complication of alcohol withdrawal involving sudden and severe changes in mental or nervous system. Symptoms Sweating, tremor, anxiety, insomnia, seizures and rapid heart rate are the commonly noted symptoms. → Common treatment options → Questions to ask your doctor What are people curious about?DiabetesPsoriasisEczemaTreatment fo...

How Can We Prevent Ibs? Find Out What The Experts Say

Expert opinion from Ilya Aleksandrovskiy M.D., MBA · 5 years of experience · USA There are ways that helps to prevent IBS, some of them include :- 1) Include eating habits, do not skip meals. This can help to regulate the bowel function with full efficiency. 2) Exercise regularly to enhance active metabolism in the body cells. 3) Fiber is a compone...

How to train yourself to fall asleep in under five minutes

Do you ever feel like you're wasting precious hours of sleep tossing and turning in bed? You're tired and you want to sleep, but it just won't happen? You're certainly not alone, as about a third of adults worldwide reportedly experience insomnia, something which is only worsening with increasing daily stresses and the omnipresence of screens. And even the act of trying too hard to sleep can work against us by making us anxious. Luckily, scientists have long figured out the connection between sleep, the mind, and the body, and some clever people have created methods and techniques to help people fall asleep faster. Click through to learn how to train your body to know how and when it's time to call it a night.

Mesothelioma : What is it & treatments

Overview Cancer that begins in the tissue mesothelium that lines the lungs, heart, stomach, and other organs. This causes painful cough, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, abdominal pain and weight loss. Symptoms If you or someone you know is exhibiting symptoms of a Mesothelioma, seek medical attention immediately Symptoms of pleural mesotheliom...

The unexpected advantages of embracing gray hair

Transitioning to gray hair can be a significant change that many individuals find worrisome. This can largely be attributed to the societal pressure surrounding conventional standards of beauty and youthfulness. Nonetheless, embracing one's natural aging process, including the appearance of silver strands, should not be a source of shame. Whether you are witnessing the emergence of your initial grays or resorting to hair dye to conceal them, there are numerous advantages to proudly showcasing your authentic hair color. To further encourage this acceptance, feel free to explore the following gallery. Go ahead and click!

Pumpkin seeds: Amazing health benefits; ways to add them to your diet

Pumpkin seeds not only help manage blood sugar levels but also support better sleep. Here are all the wonderful benefits of the tiny superfoods.

Harvard Health Publishing Q&A: Smoking

What are the 3 main medical issues caused by smoking? Answered by Dr. Howard E. Lewine M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA There is no consensus on the three main medical issues. At a high level, the ones that are likely to cause disability and premature death are: Chronic obstructive lung disease, wh...

8 Tips To Keep Your Gut Healthy During The Festive Season

The festive is here and everyone is going to indulge in treats. However, ensuring the well-being of your gut is crucial as disruptions in your digestive system can have a significant impact on your overall health. Read on to know eight tips to that can help to keep the gut healthy throughout this festive season.

Today Aries Horoscope, October 5, 2023: Your plans will gain momentum!

Aries Horoscope Today for October 5: Your plans will gain momentum. Check the full predictions here.

Kiwifruit: Expert opinions, health risks, and more

Ask an expert: Does rose hips thin the blood?

Yoga may complement standard treatment for heart issues: Study

Yoga therapy can be used as a complementary treatment in the management of heart failure, new research shows. Heart failure is a form of cardiovascular disease where the heart muscle is either too weak or too stiff to pump properly, often leading to fluid build-up, shortness of breath and other complications.

Discover high yielding stocks in the Healthcare sector.

Stocks within this list have dividend yields greater than or equal to 1.25% and operate in the Healthcare sector.

Find period pain relief with these food items

While over-the-counter pain relievers and hormonal birth controls can help manage the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, healthy lifestyle modifications can also improve hormonal fluctuations and reduce the severity of menstrual symptoms.

Healthcare's Biggest Players: A Look at Market Cap.

Healthcare is an ever-growing sector with a wide range of companies. This list contains the healthcare stocks with the highest market cap over the past month. From established leaders to emerging innovators, these companies have the biggest presence in the sector and could be worth adding to your watchlist.

What is Fatty Liver Disease And How to Reverse it?

Inflammation may result from an overabundance of fat in the liver, which might complicate matters. You might be able to reverse the disease by making certain dietary and activity adjustments.

Madhya Pradesh: X-ray Machine At Sardarpur CHC Out Of Service, Patients Seek Services At Pvt Hospitals

Sardarpur (Madhya Pradesh): Sardarpur Community Health Centre is facing a significant crisis in its X-ray department as the rotor and CPO of the X-ray machine have been damaged, rendering it non-operational. This situation has forced patients to seek services at private hospitals, incurring hefty expenses. The X-ray machine at the centre has been o...

What Are Doctors In US And Europe Demanding? Know The Highlights Here

Doctors in the United Kingdom have begun a 72-hour strike to demand more pay and improved working conditions amid a cost-of-living problem.

Mumbai News: TSAW Drones Wins Bid From ICMR For Its Ambitious Projects On Advancing Various Medical Supplies Via UAVs

Mumbai: India’s leading healthcare drone logistics startup TSAW Drones, has announced that it has received a Service Order from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the world’s oldest and largest medical research organization. This tie-up is poised to bring about major advancements in healthcare and medical supply deliveries through the u...

Doctors Should Treat Patients With Compassion– Governor Mangubhai Patel

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Governor Mangubhai Patel has said that doctors should be compassionate while treating patients. The pleasant behaviour of doctors plays an important role in the recovery of patients. Doctors should treat patients like their own family members. He said that empathy and sensitivity in the conduct of doctors is very important ...

AlIMS Bhopal And ECHS Join Hands To Treat Veterans

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Sudarshan Chakra Corps, All-India Institute of Medical Science (AIMS) Bhopal and Ex- Serviceman Contributary Health Scheme (ECHS) have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to provide cashless treatment to the ECHS beneficiaries. This is the second such MoA being signed aftar Katju Hospital, the officials said on Wednesday...

MycoSoothe Reviews SCAM WARNING!! Consumer Reports & Complaints Exposed

Well, nails play an important role in daily life from complex actions like preparing food to simple tasks like grasping objects. When fungal growth restricts the harmony of nails, it not only impacts our visibility but also poses a health risk. Nail problems are far more prevalent than people might think, with thousands of people struggling with nail health problems. When it comes to searching for different solutions, most people have...

What Is Shoulder Dislocation? Check Types, Symptoms And Treatment

Experiencing persistent shoulder pain? Stay calm and continue reading as a health expert elaborates on its causes and potential treatments.

Grapeseed Benefits for Men: Expert-Backed Advice on Optimal Health

This article provides expert opinions from three nutritionists on the potential health benefits of grapeseed oil for men. It discusses how grapeseed oil can help reduce cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, and slow the growth of prostate cancer cells. Additionally, it explains how grapeseed can improve blood flow, reduce blood pressure, improve bone strength, and support brain health. Lastly, it suggests that grapeseed can be beneficial for...

Blue Vibe CBD Gummies Reviews (2023 SCAM Exposed) FAST ACTING Don’t Buy Until

Many factors of life or our poor lifestyle can easily worsen our health and leads to so many serious health conditions. Poor health can limit an individual`s ability to work or distract focus on their job or task. Poor health or such disastrous health issues must not be negligible and ought to be cured with positive mindset and proper treatment. So readers, in this guide, I bring up here BLUE VIBE CBD GUMMIES, an awesome health promoting...

Pregnancy diet: Spinach to avocado; top 5 superfoods for expecting mothers

During pregnancy, the body's nutritional needs may go up, making it important for mothers to choose the right foods for them.

Ask an expert: How do you slow down dry macular degeneration?

Expert opinion from Kanne Karthik MBBS · 3 years of experience · India Early detection and treatment of signs and symptoms. Regular comprehensive eye examination. Practice a healthy lifestyle. Stop smoking. → Learn more about macular degeneration: See the causes, symptoms, treatment options and more. → See more questions and expert answers related ...

Glow Up with Orange: Expert-Backed Nutrition Tips

This article provides an overview of the health benefits of oranges, as well as advice from experts on how to incorporate them into a healthy diet. The article includes information on the effects of oranges on weight loss, the immune system, and vitamin C intake. It also includes tips from experts on the Mediterranean diet, keto diet, diabetic diet, and weight loss. Finally, it provides information on potential side effects and quantity...

Health Experts Reveal the Benefits of Krill Oil

This article provides expert opinions from three professionals on the potential benefits of Krill Oil. It is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which can help reduce inflammation, arthritis and joint pain, improve blood lipids and heart health, and manage post menopausal symptoms. It can also be used to treat hyperlipidemia, inflammation, and chronic venous insufficiency. The article also provides a disclaimer regarding the...