Thiruvananthapuram: A special alert has been issued to 3 districts, including Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, and Ernakulam, due to the rise of communicable diseases in the state. The proposal is from a high-level meeting led by the Health Minister the other day to discuss the prevention of communicable diseases. There is a possibility of the spread of dengue fever in the urban and coastal areas of these districts.

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It is reported that the number of patients is not likely to decrease suddenly due to continuous rains. Around 46 people sought treatment for dengue fever on Friday. District Medical Officers are directed to promptly inform the District Collectors about the situation, identify and highlight hotspots, and intensify preventive measures.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Veena George has warned that there is a likelihood of the spread of dengue fever if mosquito breeding sources are not eradicated, especially during intermittent rains.  She stated that 'Special emphasis should be given to the destruction of the source of mosquitoes. Activities should be carried out in coordination with the Health Department, local bodies, and the Vector Control Unit. Mosquito source control activities should also be strengthened. All homes, hospitals, and institutions should ensure that mosquitoes do not breed and the premises are kept clean. Extreme caution should also be taken against rat fever." The minister suggested that those who deal with soil and sewage for the prevention of rabies take doxycycline as prescribed by health workers.

The minister also asked that treatment be sought as soon as possible, as long-term fever is likely to be contagious.

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