Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh): “Irregular eating habits, obesity, increased blood pressure, diabetes among youth, lack of exercise among youth, consumption of tobacco, cigarette smoking, high salt intake, shrinkage of arteries of heart due to Covid-19 and anti-Covid vaccine are the reasons for rapid increase in heart disease,” said renowned cardiologist and president of the Year of Cardiology Society of India, Dr Sanjay Tyagi (Delhi).

Dr Tyagi was addressing the gathering of physicians here at Shipra Hotel. He said that numbness, burning sensation and pain in the legs are caused by accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries. This problem is more common in people suffering from diabetes and cigarette smokers.

The second guest was Asia’s famous pacemaker expert C Narasimhan of Hyderabad. He said the reason for sudden death was irregularity of heart and increased heartbeat. When the patient feels shortness of breath while walking, the cause is an enlargement of the heart.

Therefore, a normal person needs to maintain his sugar level, blood pressure and weight and keep getting regular check-ups done. Noted cardiologists Dr Shilendra Trivedi and Dr Ajaydeep Bhatnagar (Indore), Dr Pamecha (Hyderabad) and Dr Vijay Garg also delivered lectures at the conference.

In the meeting, residents of medicine department at RD Gardi Medical College, Ujjain also participated. Nine sessions on various sciences were presided over by Dr VK Rawat, Dr Ashish Sharma, Dr Mahaveer Khandelwal, Dr HP Sonania, Dr CM Puranik, Dr Sapre and Dr Gole. A vote of thanks was given by Dr Vimal Garg and Rajdeep of pharma company.

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