Here's how building clean habits help (Source: Freepik)

Can a set of clean habits help your fitness goals? Before we transition into the new year, it is time to learn the art of building clean habits, fitness experts urge. Fitness entrepreneur Chirag Barjatya's transformation pictures on X, formerly Twitter, are proof.

According to Barjatya, it is all about sticking to '10 tips, tricks, truths', he described in a thread on the microblogging site.

"I did this last year. You can, too, if you implement these 10 Tips, Tricks, and Truths in your daily routine. A thread that you MUST read before 2024," he shared alongside two pictures showcasing before and after transformation pictures of himself.

According to him:

1. Truth - There is no shortcut. The Internet is filled with people and content selling 'shortcuts' for virality, but trust me, there is no shortcut. The "hacks" you see on the internet will confuse you more. All you need is real work and dedication.

2. Tip - Don't cut down calories aggressively. Otherwise, it will become difficult for you to sustain. Eating just enough is essential for your daily routine and workout performance. Cutting down calories will affect your sex life as well.

3. Tip - The day you don't work out is when you ABSOLUTELY need to complete your protein intake correctly. Whey, chicken, tofu, soya, eggs, dal, sattu, fish, paneer, mutton, etc are some famous protein sources.

4. Truth - You will get lean when you get fit and healthier. Your face will become thin. The society and all the unfit people around you will call you 'weak'; they will call you names and will try everything to derail you. Ignore them. They are jealous of you.

Diet plays a crucial role (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

5. Trick - Eating salad, no-calorie beverages, and drinking water and coffee are great ways to curb your hunger when you are on a diet. They help a lot.

6. Tip - How you train is much more important than the weight you lift at the gym. Imagine your muscles are rubber bands, the more you load and stretch them with good tension, the better they will react.

7. Tip - Do leg presses and extensions if you can't squat. If you can't deadlift - do hamstring curls; if you can't bench press - do machine press.

Machines are great. You can use them daily. Many great athletes of the world use machines to work out.

8. Truth - Peanuts or peanut butter aren't a source of protein, they have a high amount of calories coming from FATs

Oats can be replaced by Daliya.

Millets are good but can cause bloating in many people.

A cholesterol profile is very important for your overall health.

9. Tip - Walking and slow cardio are the easiest ways to burn calories. You can cycle while taking a meeting or walk around the house. Or get a walking pad if walking outside feels risky due to street dogs and traffic.

10. Truth - There is no alternative or supplement trick or tip that can replace SLEEP. 7-8 hours is a must every day.

11. The final List:

- Count calories

- Complete protein intake

- Workout daily

- Sleep properly

- Hydrate yourself

- Don't expect magic

- Some days will be boring

- Some days will be exciting.

- Keep walking on the path.

- Set a deadline and Goal for aggressiveness.

It's about the basics, about what we do every day and how we do it, fitness experts urge. Hence, when it comes to health, fundamental things like exercise, food intake, and sleep habits make a big difference, said Saurabh Bothra, CEO, Habuild.

"The trick is moderation! The right amount of exercise - just enough to keep you motivated to show up every day. Meals also should strike a harmony with just enough carbs, protein, and fibre needed for your body. Eating seasonal and local foods in the right amount. And the simple habit of sleeping and waking up with the sun can make a lot of difference," explained Bothra.

According to Bothra, "The person and the sun are deeply connected". "Our daily rhythm of digestion, metabolism, sleep quality, and even the quality of our food, all link back to the sun. That's why eating before sunset and waking up during sunrise is a good idea," said Bothra.

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He added, "Our ancestors did not have access to information the way we do today. But they were healthy because of the simple habits in moderation". "These simple and balanced approaches to health make it easy to be consistent and eventually make health a habit," shared Bothra.

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