When a newborn comes into your life, all your attention goes towards them. You make sure they are properly fed, and they don’t go through any discomfort. A Russian couple did the exact opposite with their newborn and have been detained for starving their baby to death. The parents of the newborn, who died of prolonged starvation, have been detained. The duo claimed that they believed in “feeding sunlight”. The woman named Oxana Mironova, 33, and the man Maxim Lyutyi, 43, are both believers in this idea. The mother is under investigation for causing death by negligence and was put under house arrest for two months by a judge.

Maxim is known as a ‘radical raw foodist’ and he was separately detained for resisting police, as reported by Zvezda News. The news outlet said in a statement, “The preliminary version of the infant’s death is severe exhaustion…that the blogger tried to instil his nutrition system in the baby.”

The baby boy died when he was around one-month old and he is suspected of suffering from pneumonia and emaciation after starvation. This was analysed as a result of the baby being taken to a hospital in Sochi. The Russian Investigative Committee is examining the circumstances of the tragic death near the Black Sea resort city of Sochi and a criminal case against the parents has been launched.

The child was reportedly born at home and completely tended by just the parents. Lyutvi is a lifestyle influencer and an author of methods of “cleansing the body”. The couple is known for founding a club called “The Living Man,” which focuses on improving health and dealing with personal problems.

Lyutyi often took to Instagram to advocate for the bizarre prana-eating, which means feeding off the energy of the sun and avoiding food or water for a prolonged period. Local media outlet Caution News cited law enforcement sources that revealed that the couple tried transferring the baby to the prana-eating lifestyle, which allegedly led to the baby’s death by starvation.

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