One carries essential items in a handbag and cannot really do away with bags during daily commute and activities. So, what will you do when you are asked not to carry your bag? Students of Women's Christian College in Chennai, Tamil Nadu celebrated "no bag day" and replaced it with pressure cooker and laundry basket, among other innovative alternatives.

A clip shared from Instagram handle vaazhka_dude shows students entering the college. The students are seen carrying a laundry basket, bucket, towel, pressure cooker, cardboard boxes, pillow cover, suitcase, trolley bag, guitar bag, mug and much more. They pose with style in front of the camera.

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"'NO BAG DAY Women's Christian College'," read the text insert in the video. Since being shared on March 20, the clip has amassed more than 1.7 million views on the Meta-owned platform.

Instagram users were amused by the students' fun activity. A user commented, "The one with cooker." Another user wrote, "Heyy that's creative😍 soo cute to see them come up with innovative ideas. BTW how did these girls bring these items to college if they commute through public buses or share autos😅😅?" Some users said they used to go to college without bags. "Literally go to college w/o a bag everyday," read a comment.

Recently, a college in Maharashtra celebrated "mismatch day". Men were seen clad in skirts, t-shirts and flaunting them with style. There were also men who wrapped a towel around jeans, t-shirt and floral dress with a jacket.

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