Numbness Home Remedies: Many times it happens that our hands and feet all become numb due to sitting in the same posture continuously. Does this question arise in your mind why this happens? Although it is common for some parts of the body to become numb, it can also be due to some deficiency or disease in the body. It often happens that we keep sitting in the same position, due to which the condition of numbness comes. In such a situation, we caress or give a blow to the numb part, so that it goes back to its normal state.

Many times, due to continuous numbness, a strange tingling starts in the hands and feet. Here know why our organs become numb and how it can be relieved immediately-

Why do body parts become numb? Numbness Causes

We often feel numbness in our hands, shoulders and feet. The main reason for this is that while lying down, standing and sitting, maximum stress is put on these organs. By sitting in the same position, the muscles and blood vessels of the body become relaxed and the limb goes numb. Generally, when there is an obstruction in the blood circulation of the body, then the part of the body becomes numb.

What are the symptoms of numbness?

The part of the body which becomes numb, there is tingling. During this, a strange feeling comes in that part. That organ also stops working. Because of this, many times even mental signals are not received by this organ. In such a situation, a shock has to be given to make that organ normal.

Numbness home remedies

Garlic or dry ginger

If you always feel numbness in your limbs, then after getting fresh in the morning, chew small pieces of dry ginger or 2 cloves of garlic. With this, you can get rid of this problem. In fact, the blood circulation of the body improves through the consumption of garlic and dry ginger.

Peepal leaves

The leaves of Peepal tree are rich in many antioxidants and minerals. If you are feeling numbness, cook 3-4 fresh leaves i.e. buds well in mustard oil and then massage the numb part with this oil. By doing this you will get relief from numbness.

Desi ghee

If you struggle with the problem of numbness in your feet every day, do not panic. For this, you can get relief from this problem in a pinch with desi ghee. To get relief from numbness, apply warm desi ghee on the soles before sleeping at night. This will give you relief.

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