If you feel distracted at work, you are not alone. The human mind has a limited attention span and is bound to wonder. Interactions with colleagues, an unresolved home issue, or even Instagram notifications could cause distractions at work. These situations are inevitable sometimes, but too many things pulling away your focus will not bode well. It could affect your productivity, and may even lead to a ton of work piled up for the last minute. Check out this list of strategies to avoid getting distracted at work.

Keeping track and prioritising

You have to keep track of all your work and deadlines. That way, you will know exactly how much workload you have to deal with and how much time you can spare away from your desk. Being more organised might also keep your mind from wandering too much. Set a timer for yourself to complete urgent tasks. This way, you will have a physical reminder that the work at hand is a priority and you have no time to indulge in any distractions. Even if you aren't able to do the little things on your list, you can sleep better knowing the urgent work is finished.

Take one task at a time

Multitasking does not ease your work pressure. In fact, it adds to one’s stress, diminishing attention level on the tasks. You should take on one assignment at a time. This way, your mind will not wander to other impending work. Your work will be error-free and a lot less tension-inducing.

Don't indulge in personal activities.

Until and unless there is an emergency, do not take personal calls at work. Avoid replying to texts from friends during work hours. You should keep any personal communications during your free time or during breaks.

Avoid online distractions

One of the major distractions in modern life is social media. Avoid scrolling through Instagram or Twitter for leisure during work hours. You can make use of several apps and software that block your notifications for a certain time or disable the social media apps on your phone.

Set boundaries with colleagues

It’s essential to communicate with coworkers, employees, and business partners if you want to create a productive and welcoming workplace. Chatting over coffee breaks or taking a small walk may help you come back with a frefreshed mind and work better. But, if this goes on for an extended period of time, it may cause more harm than good.

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