“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself,” read Mimi Chakraborty’s latest Instagram post and it immediately grabbed the attention of everyone. The actor-politician has always been vocal about body positivity. She has often addressed the pressure one feels to look good while in the entertainment industry.

Mimi gives it back to trolls

Mimi who is currently shooting for her next ‘Raktabeej’ gave a strong message to those who has often body-shamed and criticized her on social media. Along with sharing a series of her pictures without any filter the actor penned an emotional note giving it back to the trolls.

The actress admits she's been a victim of body-shaming

Known for her pep-talks on body positivity and living life on her own terms Mimi has always been vocal about body positivity. “FYI: This is a raw file, i loved and i posted, ppl who are here in my gram by now are aware of the fact that i am not an advocate of photoshop surely some colour corrections are there like light enhancements nd background colour adjustments.That osmosis of waist line nd body nd face nahh not my thing. Definitely i had my insecurities, I had put my body through worst,( fad diets, starvation, injections)was so self critical never liked a picture of mine, zoomed in to find a flaw( bcoz someone told me i was mediocre, some1 told me i was dark, Some1 told me i lack x factor, i m fat nd not nd not meant to be here, i don’t look like others (glam). But life and my journey nd time taught so much, where these things dosen’t matter.

Today if i have a pimple bad skin bloating or a scar on my body i embrace it,i like to project it that way bcoz yes we are humans.

That unnecessary standards which we put up for the world is hoax, beauty begins the day u love ppl are kind to them and is kind to yourself.That confidence that smile makes you what you are. So believing in that porcelain skin nd that 24 inches waist most of the time isn’t true.Love yourself, love your body embrace it, it is keeping u alive like doing things ( pumping blood, digesting ur food, making u breathe and a lot more than we know.)

Why i am writing this??? Reminder we are all HUMANS🙏 And yes COMMENT SECTION you have a huge impact so if u can’t write good don’t even write something bad, u don’t know what someone is going through. Only coz a picture is happy dosen’t mean everything 🙏.

Cheers to life🌻 Ok byee,” read Mimi’s Instagram post.

Society's obsession with beauty standards

Mimi has time and again pointed out that the pressure on women has always been there to look beautiful on the screen. There was a long period of time when actresses were only considered props in the movies; to look pretty and bright. She feels that’s been true for all the industries, whether it's Bollywood, Hollywood, or any other film industry.

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