Heart Attack In Women: Waking up to news about how young people are inching closer to being at risk of heart attack or how when people drop dead while gyming or dancing, it hurts and it is scary. In a recent headline, one of the most talented celebs from the Indian film fraternity, who is also big on fitness, Sushmita Sen, recently shared on her social media that she suffered a heart attack some time at the end of February. While she is almost back to her regular fitness regime after due medical clearance, the news did make us ponder, if someone as fit as her can suffer heart attack at an early age, what about us? High time to wake up? Yes, it is. Such incidences highlight the importance to take care of our body and come out of the sedentary lifestyle. Yeah, these occurrences do create a spark to take a pledge towards healthy lifestyle but often these sparks ebb away. With increasing incidence of illness and ongoing spread of other viruses, let us know few of the important takeaways from the Sushmita Sen heart attack episode that we must implement right away.

The cardiologist, Dr. Rajiv Bhagwat, who carried out the procedure for Sushmita Sen has shared certain learning experience with Indiatimes and revealed certain ways of life that must be tweaked and accepted.

Ways To A Healthy Heart: Messages By Sushmita Sen's Doctor After Her Heart Attack

Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking are some of the key factors that put our hearts on too much stress.

  1. Must Have Active Physical Life: In a recent live session on Instagram, Sushmita Sen shared that because she had a high physical activity and kept an active lifestyle, the damage was limited and she survived a massive heart attack. This highlights physical activity being one of the biggest takeaways we should implement.
  2. Exercising Routine: While physical activity is important it should not exceed three to four days a week. Body should get time to recover as well.
  3. Have A Good Sleep Schedule, Get Adequate Sleep: Speaking to Indiatimes, Dr Bhagwat shared further that there should be an adequate gap of seven to hours of sleep and exercising. Sleeping at 2 am and going for a jog at 6 am is not ideal for the body and pose a risk. Lack of sleep is also one of the major causes that can lead to risk of diabetes.
  4. Have Good Intake Of Vitamin D: High Cholesterol and diabetes can put people on risk of heart attack. Several people are not even aware that have have it but diagnosis is necessary. Lack of Vitamin D, according Dr. Bhagwat this is one of the big triggers of falling prey to diabetes. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D and it is not healthy practise to stay indoors all the time.

Balanced diet, good sleep routine, have an active lifestyle are some of the key learning that we can take away from this.

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