Three years after the Covid virus was first detected in India, the number of Covid cases is rising in the country yet again, most likely due to the newly detected Covid XBB 1.16 variant of the virus, which has the highest number of cases in India.

According to experts, the number of Covid XBB 1.16 variant cases detected in India is the highest, while the second highest number of cases have been detected in the United States. Many are speculating that this new subtype of coronavirus might lead to a fresh wave of the pandemic.

India saw a single-day rise of more than 1,000 fresh Covid-19 cases after 129 days, while the active cases increased to 5,915, according to the Union health ministry data updated on Sunday. It is likely that the spike in the cases is due to the Covid XBB 1.16 variant.

A total of 1,071 fresh cases were reported in the county in a span of 24 hours, while the death toll increased to 5,30,802 with three latest fatalities -- one each reported in Rajasthan and Maharashtra and one reconciled in Kerala.

As the new Covid variant XBB 1.16 has been detected in India, many fear that there will be yet another wave of the Covid pandemic, with fresh advisory from the Centre. Here is all you need to know about how dangerous Covid XBB can be.

Is Covid XBB 1.16 life-threatening?

While not a lot of research has been done regarding the Covid XBB 1.16 variant, experts have said that it is the fastest spreading Covid subtype detected till now and can multiply at an alarming rate if proper precautions are not taken by society.

Further, no deaths have been reported due to the Covid XBB 1.16 variant across the globe, so it is possible that many have built herd immunity against the virus, keeping them safe from prolonged illness and serious symptoms.

Like the other variants of Covid, XBB 1.16 also has similar symptoms such as fever, body ache, cough, cold, respiratory issues, and in some cases, prolonged illness.

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