Plant protein powders and whey protein ! There are plenty to choose between but how to differentiate amongst which one is better is the question on everyone’s mind.

Protein is essential for growth, repair, making hormones, immune functions and even bone health and lots of other essential factions in the body.

Getting enough protein is also essential if a person wants to gain muscle mass as we need it for muscle protein synthesis (MPS). It is when we use amino acids from province we eat to create new protein for growth and repair of muscle.

Eating protein is one way to increase MPS in the body, but there is lot of confusion about whether plant base protein powder can do it or animal proteins like meat, eggs or dairy.

According to researches, different proteins have different effects on MPS that all come down to the amino acids they contain in a general sense protons from animal sources like meat, eggs and dairy and have all the essential amino acids needed to stimulate MPS and build muscles.

On the other hand, plant proteins have lower levels of some of those amino acids. The lack of some amino acids is one of the reasons that some plant proteins do not stimulate MPS. Most animal proteins, in particular plants, offer lower amino acids methionine lysin and leucine.

This is why pea and rice proteins are often combined together. Vegan protein plants like peas are lower in methionine and higher in lysine. In case of rice, it is lower in lysine and higher in methionine. So combining them give a better amino acid profile.

Plant protein is made of plant fibers as well as some anti-nutrients, which can reduce the absorption of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. These make digesting plant provide harder than digesting animal protein.

People become vegan for many reasons. Some people can never use whey protein to get plenty of protein when they choose plant-based protein.

So people can be allergic to dairy proteins. Plant protein is a better option. There are environmental arguments as it can be isolated easily and require less water, less land and less energy as compared to animal protein.

The exploitation of animals is also a reason why people choose plant protein over whey protein. So, it’s all up to you what you choose but proteins can be a tricky thing to work with. Taking a doctor’s or nutritionist’s advice will be a better option.

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