Ramadan 2023: Many people and families are getting ready eagerly for the holy month of Ramadan. The spirit of the celebration is to cleanse the body and reinforce one's spiritual beliefs by fasting from sunrise to sunset. A month of fasting is broken with the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims avoid eating or drinking from morning until sunset. As a result, they begin their fast with a meal before daybreak and end it after dinner. Eating three dates is a traditional way to break the fast, which is then followed by a heavy meal.

This year, the crescent moon will signal the beginning of Ramadan on March 22 and the completion of it on April 21. The following are a few importent things to keep in mind when fasting during Ramadan:

Cold showers: Taking a cold shower is recommended as the quickest approach to reduce a high body temperature or alleviate the dizziness brought on by dehydration. It has been suggested that having a cold shower during Ramadan might aid in rehydration and temperature regulation. Chapped lips, red cheeks, fatigue, fever, fast respiration, and trouble breathing are all obvious signs of dehydration.

Fruits: Eating water-rich fruits and vegetables before and after fasting is good for rehydrating and maintaining a healthy body .

Stay in a cool and shaded place: To stay hydrated and healthy during fasting, it is important to stay in a cool and shaded area.

Fried food: To maintain good health throughout Ramadan, it's best to avoid fried foods and instead prepare using other methods.

Suhur: The fasting period begins with the consumption of the suhur morning meal, often eaten just before sunrise. Foods high in protein and carbs, as well as veggies, are essential for providing the body with sustained energy.

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Sweets: After iftaar, it is suggested to avoid eating  large quantities of sweets. Intake of foods high in fat should also be restricted for the same reason.

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