The route to parenthood is not as simple as it seems, especially with fertility issues impacting up to 15% of couples, according to a study by NCBI. Given our demanding lifestyles, our choices and habits have evolved to a great extent which, in turn, has impacted our fertility rate. In addition to our modern lifestyle, unhealthy food habits are another factor that contributes to reproductive issues. Hence, to prevent fertility issues in the long run, adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating habits has become more than just a requirement.

Below given are the following food items that should be included in a woman's diet to boost fertility:

Yogurt and cheese: Rich in calcium, probiotics, and vitamin D, fatty foods like yogurt and cheese are considered to aid in ovulation. Thus, generously including both in your diet will increase your fertility. Especially if you are planning to get pregnant, having some yogurt in your breakfast and a cheese-centric meal in your dinner or lunch will undoubtedly aid you in healthy conception.

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Lentils and beans: The high fibre and protein content of lentils and beans helps to maintain hormonal balance, which enhances ovulation. In fact, vegetable protein sources are known to reduce the risk of ovulatory infertility. Furthermore, both food items are abundant in folic acid, which is a crucial element in improving conception and supporting healthy embryo development.

Avocado: Avocados are a good source of potassium, vitamin K, and folate, which helps your body not just with pregnancy but also with vitamin absorption and blood pressure control. In addition, they include monounsaturated fats, an excellent source of dietary fibre and folic acid, which are considered crucial during the first trimester of pregnancy. Hence, if you are planning pregnancy shortly, it is ideal to include the right amount of avocado in your diet.

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Oysters:  Oysters, among other foods, should be a staple in your diet to boost your fertility. A rich source of zinc considered a crucial nutrient for conception, oysters are known to enhance your fertility. Not having sufficient amounts of zinc can impact your menstrual cycle and hinder the development of high-quality eggs, both of which can lower your fertility rate. Thus, incorporating oysters into your diet, particularly if you are planning your pregnancy, is a must.

Healthy food: Way to a healthy pregnancy

Incorporating healthy lifestyle choices not only boosts your fertility but also benefits your body otherwise. Caught up in a busy life cycle, our food choices often get compromised, which has a long-term influence on our health. Infertility is one of the typical results of these choices, which impairs our ability to embark on the journey of parenthood.

Thus, to avoid such situations, including healthy food items such as oysters, avocados, lentils, beans, yogurt and cheese in your diet is a must. Particularly for women, to target a healthy pregnancy, adopting healthy and nutritious food choices is an absolute necessity.

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