Cold and flu relief: Change in season affects many people's health. Cold, cough, and flu are all common in this season and considering the current quality of air and smog in Delhi, cold and cough have unfortunately made their way to many households. 

While there are medicines that can help you with your condition, here's a list of a few natural remedies that can give you relief too.

Turmeric Milk

This is a staple in almost every Indian household! One of the very first things our parents ask us to consume is the good old turmeric milk and we can't complain, it does wonders! 

Chicken soup

Hot chicken soup when you are down with a fever or cold can really soothe your soul. Doctors believe it's good to take liquids during the flu and chicken soup will not only help you feel better it will also nourish your body.

Ginger tea

Ginger is known for improving immunity and if you have a sore throat, ginger tea will work like magic. Take it at least twice a day for a soothing touch.

Honey with tea/ warm water

Honey has proven to have antiviral properties and added to any liquid, it will only help you recover faster than expected. Keep having a good intake of fluids during cold or fever and if you add honey to it, you will feel much better. Also, it can be added as a sweetener too. 


Rich in Vitamin C, Amla can really help you get over a cough and cold easily. Amla has been used for decades by many to recover from the flu and it still helps in recovering from one faster. 

Always consult your doctor for any cold, fever, or flu-related symptoms. These are just quick fixes that you can try at home.

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