Speaking at the India Today Conclave, gene expert Dr David Sinclair highlighted the role of intermittent fasting and healthy meals in the process of ageing. The Harvard Medical School professor was discussing  'Bio Switches and Age Clocks: The jaw-drop science of age and disease reversal.

He said that eating three meals and sitting a lot throughout the day makes us age faster, as he recommended skipping at least one meal a day, although two is better, but then having at least one healthy dinner. 

"What I've learned over time is to skip meals. My goal is to not eat a large meal until dinner. And then I eat a very healthy vegan meal with very little alcohol," David Sinclair said on Saturday.

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The gene expert said that it is important to create a window of six hours every day where you can eat and the rest of the time put your body in fasting mode. 

"There is a set of genes called the sirtuins that get turned on when there is not enough energy in your body. So, if there's not enough sugar or a lot of protein, they defend the body against the damage caused by the ageing process," he said.

Speaking about eating only within a six-hour window, he said, "You want to eat within a certain window. I eat within six hours a day and not more."

He added that he does snack every now and then, which involve having sugar-free chocolate or avocado.

"It's not a crime to eat if you're a little bit hungry, but don't eat a big meal until late at night or have it in the morning. Because you want to have a period where your body is not ingesting food and is on its defence against diseases and ageing," he said.  

The geneticist once went 20 hours without food for around two weeks.

Sharing the experience and how it benefits the body, he said, "After two weeks your body gets used to it. I found that I was not hungry anymore. If I was a little bit hungry, I would drink green tea matcha which is filled with lots of chemicals from stress plants. Drink a lot of water and tea."


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