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Weight is one topic that seems to be on most minds and, as such, is often discussed among friends, families, and colleagues. Sometimes, the conversations can get so intense that it can lead to one feeling overwhelmed enough to go on a diet and even end up obsessively checking their weight every day. But, wait, before you are too harsh on yourself, allow us to tell you that there is a right time to weigh yourself for the best results. Yes, we were as surprised to know about this!

Hence, as part of our Know Your Body series, we reached out to experts who stressed why one should try not to go overboard with weight checking, and also the right way and time to go about it.

When is a good time to check your weight?

Turns out, one should check their weight early morning on an empty stomach. "That is after clearing your bowels. The weight you get without having any water, medicine, tea, or anything is the correct weight," Dr Ria Banerjee Ankola, a food therapist, told

Concurred Roopa Soni, nutritionist and founder - Soulfit Cloud Kitchen, Dehradun, and said, "Yes, the right time to check your weight is first thing in the morning after clearing your stomach, so that you do not have the added weight of a previously indigested meal. You will notice that this weight varies from 500 gms to 1 kg," said Soni.

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Having said that, it is also important to keep in mind that morning weight depends on person-to-person. "For normal people who workout 45 minutes to one hour daily, it is usually a little more in the evening because it includes the weight of the meals and water. But athletes or those who are physically active usually have lesser weight in the evenings as compared to the mornings. However, the actual weight will still be the morning weight," Dr Ria explained.

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How often should you check your weight?

While early morning is the ideal time to weigh oneself, "we don't need to check our weight every day", urged Dr Ria.

"Once in a month, on an empty stomach, is best. But if you are too curious, once a week is fine too. Just remember that the weight might fluctuate depending on what you have eaten the previous day, the amount of water consumed throughout the day, any new medication, and even the level of physical activity," Dr Ria concluded.

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