An outbreak of cholera has been reported at a private care home in Neyyattinkara, located in the southern part of Kerala. The state Health Department has ramped up preventive measures to curb the spread of the disease following the report.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George announced on Tuesday that the outbreak was detected after several residents of the private care home sought treatment at a hospital with symptoms indicative of cholera.

In response to the minister's directive, the Additional Director of Health Services visited the site to assess the situation. According to a release from the health department, the initial assumption by the care home residents was food poisoning. However, upon confirmation of cholera, the Medical Officer of Perumpazhuthoor Primary Health Centre took immediate action, including collecting samples of water and other materials for examination to determine the source of the disease, according to a report on PTI.

The health minister has mandated that samples from all symptomatic individuals be sent for testing promptly. Facilities have been arranged at the isolation ward of Iranimuttom Hospital to treat cholera patients. Some residents of the care home have returned to their homes and will be closely monitored. If they or their family members show symptoms, their samples will be tested, and appropriate treatment will be provided.

Additionally, several children in a school associated with the institution have exhibited cholera symptoms and will receive specialized care. Preventive measures have been implemented in the school to control the potential spread of the disease, as per the release.

The health department stressed the importance of public awareness in preventing cholera. “If symptoms such as severe diarrhea, vomiting, or dehydration occur, immediate medical attention is necessary. Effective antibiotics are available to treat cholera, a highly contagious disease caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae,” the release stated, as per the report.

Cholera, if left untreated, can spread rapidly and even if symptoms subside, patients can still transmit the disease for several days. The disease typically spreads through contaminated water and food, with bacteria entering the body and causing illness within a few hours to five days.

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