Eating a bowl of papaya every day on empty stomach can keep your constipation woes away apart from nourishing your body with a variety of vitamins and minerals. The wonder fruit is a natural laxative that can keep bowel movements smooth. The sweet and juicy fruit can also work wonders for your energy levels. It is a storehouse of Vitamin C and can also help reduce stress. Papaya, thanks to its digestive enzyme papain and loads of dietary fibre, is a superfood for your gut health as apart from constipation it can also help treat indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, and stomach ulcers. (Also read: Amazing benefits of having ginger juice on empty stomach as per nutritionists)

A nutrient powerhouse, papaya has vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E., folate, magnesium, folate, potassium, and copper. Papaya also makes sure you absorb nutrients of your meal better. Apart from that papaya can help detoxify the body naturally. Eating papaya in morning can boost satiety as it can keep hunger pangs at bay.

"Papaya is rich in enzyme Papain which lends many benefits to the fruit, especially in relieving constipation and aiding digestion. Consuming papaya in the morning on empty stomach can help in body detox and digestion. Papaya fruit is rich in antioxidants and one can consume papaya in breakfast or in the evening," says Shruti K Bhardwaj, Chief Dietician Zydus Hospitals, Ahmedabad.

Dr Rohini Patil, MBBS & Nutritionist, Founder of Nutracy Lifestyle, who specialises in the field of diet and nutrition feels the ideal time of eating papaya is two hours post any meal.

"Choosing to consume papaya on an 'empty stomach' typically refers to a period of about two hours post any meal. During this time, digestive processes are less active, creating an optimal environment for several benefits," says Dr Patil, as she elaborates on benefits of eating the fruit every day.

1. Optimized digestion

Enzymes like papain in papaya work more efficiently when digestive activity is reduced, enhancing protein digestion and minimizing the risk of indigestion.

2. Increased nutrient absorption

Consuming papaya two hours post-meal ensures that the fruit's nutrients are absorbed effectively, as there is less competition from other foods being processed in the digestive system.

3. Natural detoxification

The two-hour post-meal window aligns with a phase when the digestive system is less burdened, allowing papaya's fibre content to effectively support natural detoxification and the elimination of waste and toxins.

4. Stabilized blood sugar levels

Waiting 2 hours after a meal to consume papaya helps in avoiding potential spikes in blood sugar levels, promoting better glycaemic control.

5. Enhanced satiety

Consuming papaya during this period contributes to a sense of fullness, making it an ideal snack for those seeking weight management benefits.

6. Improved nutrient utilization

The body is in a state of heightened nutrient utilization during this time, ensuring that the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in papaya are effectively utilized by the body.

7. Prevention of digestive discomfort

Having papaya two hours post-meal reduces the likelihood of digestive discomfort or bloating that can occur when combining certain fruits with a heavy meal.

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