The 56-year-old Brazilian telenovela diva, Claudia Raia and spouse Jarbas Homem de Mello welcomed their son Luca on Saturday, February 11.

"Luca showed up Saturday night with a bang! On February 11th, he arrived and immediately claimed his space. We were successful,” the happy mother announced the birth on Instagram.

A frantic reproductive quest led to the family's newest member, who will join the actress' older children, daughter Sophia, 19, and son Enzo, 25, whom she has with actor Edson Celulari.

Raia thought she was going through menopause at the time, which, according to most fertility experts, starts at age 51.

Raia said that she and her husband, Jarbas Homem de Mello, had had one unsuccessful cycle of in vitro fertilisation while conversing with Brazilian journalist Renata Ceribelli. The couple decided against starting a new cycle.

Raia and Homem de Mello became pregnant spontaneously, a turn of events that, according to the patient, left her doctors speechless. Dr. Elizabeth Sarah Ginsburg, a reproductive endocrinologist at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston who has not directly treated Raia, estimates that the likelihood of this occurring is "far fewer than 1%".

But since the arrival of their baby, the actress has received some bad-taste comments from the social media trolls.

“Looking like boy’s grandma,” a user wrote.

“Is she the child’s grandmother or great-grandmother?” one person wrote beneath one picture.

Now Raia has responded with a video that she put to Instagram, pleading for viewers to stop passing such harsh judgement on others.

"There are a thousand ways to be a mother," she remarked as translated from Portuguese.

“In my case, being 50 plus was one of the challenges, but it’s worth reflecting on that today there are a thousand family formats and so many other forms of maternal love.

“We need to stop this mania of judging or putting limits on other people’s maternity, because each person sees this experience in a very intimate and unique way.


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